A music festival, major sporting event, a community festival or car show… irrespective of what event you are organising you will be required to provide adequate waste management resources as a part of your permit.

At Kwik Tip Bins we have the specialist experience and knowledge to advise you on your waste management plan.  Before we specify the number and type of bins required for your event, we take into account factors such as crowd size, available catering, site configuration and the audience demographic.

We can assist you with a site plan as to where best to place the various waste bins, the number of general waste and the number of recycling bins.  Nothing looks worse than to have an event with inadequate waste collection.

Event managers mostly bring on site a range of wheelie bins for general waste and recycling, with front lift bins on hand where larger crowd numbers are expected.

We can work with you to avoid overflowing bins and present your event in the most professional way to your audience.

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