Residential Collection – KwikTipBins

Kwik Tip Bins provides residential and business waste collection services throughout the Wellington Shire country regions and towns including Maffra, Stratford, Rosedale and Heyfield

There are three types of waste collection bins serviced.
General Waste – this is a 240 litre bin collected on a weekly basis.

Recycling bin – this is a 240 litre bin with a yellow lid within the Sale area collected weekly.

Greenwaste bin – Kwik Tip Bins provides a 240 litre bin with a dark blue bin with Green Waste stickers and is collected fortnightly. This Green Waste service is offered Sale, Wurruk, Maffra, Stratford, Rosedale and Heyfield only. Please see attached calendars.

Damaged Bin

If your bin is damaged and requires repair, please contact Kwik Tip Bins …

  • Call 03 5144 4967

Stolen Bin

If your bin is stolen or missing, please contact Kwik Tip Bins …