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E -Waste

E-waste is no longer permitted in Victoria's landfills, This means that E-waste cannot be disposed of in either of your household, waste or Recycling Bins.

To assist the public and local business', all Wellington Shire Transfer Stations accepts these items for free.

Please note we no longer accept E-Waste at our Kwik Tip Bins depot. All E-Waste must go to your local Transfer Station. 


Examples of E -waste include:

  • Computers and monitors, mice, keyboards, printers and faxes.

  • Entertainment equipment - TV's, VCRs, DVD Players, remote controls, cameras and game consoles.

  • Mobile phones/ Telephones

  • Powers tools e.g. Drills, electric mowers, sewing machines and electric mixers.

  • Electronic games including computer game consoles

  • household applicances such as microwaves, toasters, irons, kettles, vacuums cleaners and hairdryers.

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