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General Waste

In a small office or medium sized business, the waste streams can include paper, cardboard, food scraps, kitchen waste and 101 other types of waste. General waste, as it the term implies, covers a wide range of waste material, all of which goes to landfill.

General waste can be collected in a 240 litre wheelie bin, front lift bin or a hook lift bin.

Even though the waste collected under the ‘general waste’ tag is broad, there are still items which cannot be deposited in a general waste bin.

Prohibited Items

• Tyres

• Mattresses

• Oils

• Paint

• Flammable products

• Chemicals

• Bricks, concrete, tiles

• Batteries

• Asbestos

• Gas bottles

• Ewaste

• Dirt


Front Lift Bin - 3m

Wheelie Bin - 240L

Hooklift Bin - 15m

Hooklift Bin - 30m

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