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Prescribed Waste

Legislation in Victoria specifically nominates a range of industrial waste products under the heading of “Prescribed Waste”. Typically prescribed waste includes cooking fats and oil, paint, grease traps, used oil filters, contaminated soil and so on. The list is extensive and covers the collection, transportation and disposal of these products.

Kwik Tip Bins can assist industrial customers with the collection and transportation of several forms of prescribed waste.

For all matters relating to prescribed waste, please contact us on 1300 131 807 or complete the on-line enquiry form, which you can find on the 'contact us' page.

Definition of Prescribed Waste

Prescribed Wastes (covered by EPA regulations) include:

  • Sharps, such as discarded needles, scalpels, or anything capable of cutting or penetrating the skin

  • Clinical specimens other than urine or faeces

  • Laboratory cultures

  • Human tissue

  • Tissue, carcasses, or other waste arising from animals used for laboratory investigation or for medical or veterinary research

  • Human blood and body fluids other than urine or faeces

  • Urine or faeces, or materials or equipment containing urine or faeces, where there is visible blood

  • Materials or equipment containing human blood or body fluids other than urine or faeces (note that soiled sanitary napkins are not considered to be prescribed waste unless originating from the patient area of a hospital or clinic)

  • Waste from patients known to have or suspected of having a communicable disease

  • Pharmaceutical substances, such as cytotoxic wastes and unwanted drugs and residues

  • Laboratory waste chemicals from the health care industry, including waste solvents.

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